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Our tagline, 'The Wheat Way Is the right way' stems from the need to find alternatives to single use plastic for items we use everyday.  Replacing these items with those made using sustainable materials is the solution. all of our products are made using natural wheat, as an example our wheat straws are a viable alternative to plastic straws.


Every single year, on average, more than 2 million tons of plastic enter our oceans and these do not degrade over time unlike our products made using sustainable materials. this is why there is a need to produce everyday items whilst increasing the sustainability. Our first sustainable alternative to an everyday item,  the polluting plastic straw, are our wheat straws. 

Alternatives, such as our wheat products, are one of the directions we need to go as items such a plastic straws are used everyday and alternatives using sustainable materials can be used as a more environmentally friendly option. Toothbrushes are also made using high amounts of plastic and our wheat toothbrushes as alternatives are available.

The wheat way is wanting to  change the way in which consumers use single use plastic through initiating little changes in daily habits. These small changes will reduce plastic usage and increase your own sustainability. 


what we offer

The Wheat Way only use sustainable materials for our products such as our wheat straws. We use a Bio - degradable farming by-product to ensure the sustainability of the wheat straws. This means our products are all environmentally friendly and our wheat straws, are a viable sustainable alternative to plastic straws.

During the farming process the wheat grain is the most used product for human consumption and then the 'stem' in this case is used to create our sustainable products such as our wheat straws.  Due to the none porous nature of wheat, unlike the alternatives such as paper straws, wheat straws do not become soggy when used.  This sets our wheat straws apart from paper straws as this saturation into the straw is largely seen as a negative to paper straws. 

Another positive is that the wheat grain contains all of the gluten and the stem itself is gluten free making it perfect for those with a gluten intolerance. 

Current Products

Wheat Toothbrush

A Wheat Toothbrush made using sustainable materials, bamboo and wheat, a perfect alternative to a traditional toothbrush.

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